Tips to make the most of Instagram as a marketing platform

Instagram now has around 800 million users visit their app/site per day. This is very encouraging for anyone looking to invest in Instagram as a platform to market their business, however you need to make sure your brand stands out, and switching to a business profile could be the best way.

Switching to a Business Profile

Instagram has a feature where profiles can operate under an Instagram Business Account setting. These profiles offer additional features compared to a personal profile; such as an Instagram analytics tool called “Insights”, a contact button, ability to create sponsored advertisements, and more.

Contact Button – a business profile allows your users to easily reach you via a ‘contact’ button underneath the follow button on your brands Instagram page. You can provide users with a phone number, email address, or even a street address. You can also communicate via Instagram DMs. The business profile feature allows brands to communicate with followers on a customer service level, as well as with other brands to potentially collaborate.

Instagram Ads – a business profile allows brands to create sponsored advertisements. These ads appear with a ‘sponsored’ symbol next to the user name, and can be targeted towards users that view similar and like-minded brands. This allows business to expose their brands to users from their target market and better their reach

Instagram Analytics “Insight” – this tool is similar to Google Analytics in that it provides your business with statistics about the number of profile visits, impressions and reach of your posts, user demographics (i.e. who your followers are), when your followers are online, what your top posts are, and what posts your followers are attracted to the most. This allows you to realise exactly what posts are best for your brand and its reach, as well as how to better target your followers and attract their attention.

Linked Instagram Stories – a business profile with above 10,000 followers has the opportunity to link web addresses and products to their Instagram stories. This involves indicating to users to “swipe up” from the Instagram story, which will then lead them to the linked web page. This allows brands to offer behind the scenes insights and also provide another touch point for businesses.

All of these features attached to an Instagram Business Profile Account are special marketing tactics that businesses should take advantage of. They are free and assist greatly in understanding your audience, keeping in touch with your audience, and reaching out to your target market to better your brand awareness.

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Hey! I'm a 3rd year Business student at Monash University. This blog is part of my assessment for MKF3881 where I will be sharing my views and findings about digital marketing. Enjoy !!

3 thoughts on “Tips to make the most of Instagram as a marketing platform”

  1. Super interesting! I love instagram and use it daily! I didn’t know about the business feature, that’s extremely useful for brand and influencers. I may even use this for my brand me assignment as its a great way for form relationships with your audience and share messages. Great insight!!


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