How Google Analytics is benefiting marketers worldwide

Google Analytics is a widely used web analytics tool for brands around the globe, looking to assess and make positive changes to their marketing strategy.

Google Analytics is a free service offered to all web users, and although web analytics sounds like a very minimal aspect of a marketing strategy, it is potentially the most important. This is because a brand’s website controls all the digital traffic, as most marketing campaigns and advertisements will direct those consumers to your brands website. This means, your brands website should be the most effective and up-to-date in communicating key brand messages. Google analytics is a tool that assists brands in tracking the effectiveness of their digital marketing.

How does it work?

Google Analytics implements codes into the codes of your brands website to record the various activities of users, as well as their demographics. Google Analytics then sorts the data into four primary levels being user level, session level, page view level, and event level. These levels track the many different key indicators of digital marketing effectiveness such as actions by users, individual site visits, individual pages visited, and even button clicks and video views.

The Google Analytics service also includes Google Website Optimiser, which is a free tool marketers can use to increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing different combinations of website content.

What type of data does it collect?

Google Analytics collects two pivotal types of data: (1) user acquisition data and (2) user behaviour data. User acquisition data is based on users before they visit your sit, and user behaviour data is based on users when they visit your website.

(1) User Acquisition Data – this can be used to analyse the demographics of consumers visiting your website and see what channels they have gone through to eventuate on your website.

(2) User Behaviour Data – this is used to see how long users stay on your website, what they visit on your website, how they get to your website etc.

All of this data can be used by brands to improve their websites to not only improve site visits and attraction, but also to improve conversion and brand loyalty.

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Hey! I'm a 3rd year Business student at Monash University. This blog is part of my assessment for MKF3881 where I will be sharing my views and findings about digital marketing. Enjoy !!

4 thoughts on “How Google Analytics is benefiting marketers worldwide”

  1. Great insight this is so interesting as Google Analytics seems so complex and extensive! Great way of conveying how it works I can see how this is extremely useful for companies and can highlight SEO opportunities too 🙂


  2. Hi Annabelle, A great post! Should a small business owner (with a website) teach themselves about Google Analytics or should they contract someone to do the work for them?


    1. I feel as though they should teach themselves. It will not only save them on costs from contracting someone, but will also give them insights into their digital marketing and how they can improve it. They will better understand why they need to improve things, rather than just making the improvements a separate party suggests to make, and not understanding the reasons why.


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