How to avoid annoying email subscribers

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing involves sending a commercial message to a group of people promoting a brand/product, via email. It is an ideal tool for customer relationship management and encourages brand loyalty, repeat business, and helps acquire and keep new customers through sending and sharing content.

Email marketing statistics show that every email sent generates approximately $44 for every $1 spent, meaning it has a great return on investment (ROI). Marketers therefore tend to gravitate towards email marketing the most because it is a cheap and effective way to share promotions and content.

Email marketing is able to bring all of a business’s marketing efforts together. Promotions and deals can be sent out to all subscriber’s via email, new products can be sent out via email, content can be shared out via email etc. Once subscriber’s opt-in to an email subscription with a brand, they have the opportunity to receive personalised messages about the business, and even personalised offers and discounts that a brand may reward them with for subscribing with them. For example, General Pants Co. (online and in-store retailer) offers email subscribers $25 gift cards and special discount codes as a reward for their loyalty. This keeps customers subscribed to their email and allows for new customers to join once they hear about the benefits.

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Email marketing also reaches more consumers than social media does, as more people still rely on email daily more than social media to communicate, especially the older generation, with 2.6 billion email users and only 1.7 billion Facebook user. 91% of people check email first thing daily, whereas 57% and 14% check Facebook and Twitter, respectively, first thing everyday.

There are clear benefits to email marketing, and although it is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to reach new and existing consumers, businesses must ensure they don’t annoy consumers with too many emails but also send enough emails to engage consumers.

Tips to avoid annoying email subscribers!

Prioritise the needs of your customers. 

Customers are the primary asset of your company, so ensuring their needs are met is the upmost important factor of the companies marketing tactics. If consumers don’t feel as though the company values what matters to them, customers will react by ignoring messages or even unsubscribing. Relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails, thus personalisation is key to making the most of email marketing. Use data to segment email subscribers and create groups of what these segments want to see from the business, e.g. male or female shopping categories. This will help increase open-rates and even click-through rates and conversions.

Diversify the delivery of every email.

You don’t want to bore consumers with the same email every day, promoting the same thing. This will lead to consumers not opening the email or simply deleting it before reading, as they already know the contents of the email. If your business is trying to get a big promotion across, such as a 20% off all products for a week or a couple of days, the brand should construct multiple emails that are very different and stagger the sending of these emails over the days. This will keep users engaged and interested in the promotion enough to click-through to the website and explore the promotion they have on throughout the time-period.

Send emails in a timely manner.

There are many different types of content that can be sent via email, and knowing the right type of content to send at the right time is integral to keep engagement among consumers. The distinction between “seasonal” and “evergreen” content is important. Evergreen content is content that continuously remains relevant to a business and its consumers. Seasonal content is content that isn’t relevant for the foreseeable future, or has an end point. An effective way to mix these two types together is by posting evergreen content at random times with seasonal content mixed in between these emails. This way, consumers will feel as though they are being valued with personalised seasonal promotional emails and businesses are still engaging consumers with the general happenings of their business through evergreen content.

Reward and be helpful to email subscribers.

The best way to keep consumers engaged is by rewarding them and helping them as this will earn consumers’ trust and increase brand loyalty. Include useful links and interesting information in each email that you know will help target segments explore your business more, or even just help them with their day. As previously mentioned, rewarding consumers for staying loyal to your company through email subscriptions and purchases is also an effective way to build brand loyalty. If you help and reward subscribers regularly, they may even become an advocate for your business and spread the word to other like-minded and target consumers, further growing your brand and email subscription list.

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Follow up with customers.

Ensuring you always follow up on customer purchases, or even customers not following through with a purchase, will be integral in keeping customer engagement. Customers want to feel as though they are valued, and personalised follow up emails will help do this. For example, General Pants Co. send emails to every online customer approximately a week after their purchase to ask for feedback on their experience and to also leave a review on the product on the company website, for future customers interested in the product to see. They also send emails to inform you when you have left something in your cart and didn’t follow through with the purchase to remind you of it. This keeps customers feeling as though the company values their input into the business and hopes they had a positive experience with the business.

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Email Marketing is the cheapest and most effective way of marketing your brand and promotions to consumers who want to hear it, and using these tips will keep consumers engaged rather than annoyed, and also encourage future and new customers to join an email subscription with your business.


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3 thoughts on “How to avoid annoying email subscribers”

  1. I still am bewildered by how much email marketing goes on and affects our daily lives! The way it has become so successful in recent years is incredible and your stats definitely show it!


  2. I think your recommendations regarding evergreen and seasonal content were extremely interesting. It’s cool to see the different ways in which brands are adapting their email marketing campaigns


  3. Great post! I agree with your tips on how not to annoy customers! I am quick to unsubscribe from mail lists as soon as I see something irrelevant to me, annoying or repetitive and it doesn’t take much!


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